Much of the work on Team CajunBot involves assembling existing algorithms and theories into a single package. However we are still forced to produce new and interesting solutions to problems during the course of the Challenge. This page serves as a place for the detailed research that has gone on inside Team CajunBot.

  • C. Cavanaugh, Design and Integration of the Sensing and Control Subsystems of CajunBot, April 9, 2004 (PDF).
  • S. Golconda, Steering Control for a Skid-Steered Autonomous Ground Vehicle at Varying Speed, M.S. Thesis, February 2005 (Full thesis).
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  • A. Maida, S. Golconda, P. Mejia, A. Lakhotia, and C. Cavanaugh, Subgoal-based local navigation and obstacle avoidance using a grid-distance field, International Journal of Vehicle Autonomous Systems (IJVAS), 4 (2-4), 2006, pp. 122-142, (Full paper).
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  • Solving Urban Transit Problems using SLAM based Algorithms - December 7, 2006

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