RaginBot (a.k.a. CajunBot-II) Vehicle

Platform: A 2004 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with a 4.0 liter gasoline engine and automatic transmission with 4-wheel drive.

Electronics: Ragin' Bot houses many devices to enable sensor processing and autonomous vehicle control. The CajunBot software runs on three EPIC form factor computers, each powered by a 1.8GHz Intel Pentium M processor, housed in a single 1U rackmount case. Several devices convert various serial communications to Ethernet so data can be collected by all computers in the case of a failure of one computer. A custom dual alternator system powers the vehicle and onboard electronics. Redundant DC-to-DC converters transform the alternator voltage into a form usable by the various devices. A custom electronics box (EBOX) houses emergency stop control hardware and provides a central connection for all vehicle control hardware.

Sensors: Two ibeo LIDAR sensors, three SICK LIDAR sensors and one Eaton Vorad Doppler radar detect obstacles. An Iteris lane departure warning system provides information about the position of the vehicle on the road. A C-Nav GPS receiver provides starfire differential corrections, and an an Oxford inertial navigation sensor provides Kalman filter smoothing for GPS data and motioni compensatioin via MEMS gyros and accelerometers.

Software: Custom software developed by Team CajunBot does everything from object detection to path planning. Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) software developed at UL Lafayette allows Ragin' Bot to pick the shortest path while avoiding obstacles.

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