CajunBot Vehicle

Platform: A MAX 6-wheel amphibious all-terrain vehicle with a 25 hp twin-cylinder engine. Fuel capacity of 35 gallons. Top speed 30+ mph. Total weight 1,200 lbs.

Electronics: CajunBot is currently controlled by 2 high-speed AMD computers with a distributed memory system, several microcontrollers, and many custom circuits. A 2-kilowatt electric generator supplies the electrical power.

Sensors: Two scanning laser systems, three Doppler radars, and sonar help detect obstacles. C-Nav differential GPS and an Oxford inertial navigation sensor provide exact location information.

Software: Custom software developed by Team CajunBot does everything from object detection to path planning. Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) software developed at UL Lafayette allows CajunBot to pick the shortest path while avoiding obstacles.

Estimated Cost: $15,000 vehicle, $90,000 electronics, and $70,000 in-kind loaner equipment. Total hardware: $175,000. Not including thousands of hours of custom programming.

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