Only 11 teams qualify for $2 million race

November 1 2007
The Daily Advertiser

UL Team CajunBot hoped to fill one of the 20 spots available in Saturday's Grand Challenge a $2 million race sponsored by the Department of Defense's DARPA.

But only 11 teams from across the country passed the agency's rigorous qualifying tests and will compete on Saturday in Victorville Calif.

Louisiana's other team Team Gray of Metairie also didn't make the cut.

Among the semifinalists are two German teams and Virginia Tech's vehicle the VictorTango.

Here's a list of the teams:

Team AnnieWay — Karlsruhe Germany
Ben Franklin Racing Team — Philadelphia
CarOLO — Braunschweig Germany
Team Cornell — Ithaca NY
Honeywell/Intelligent Vehicle Systems — Troy and Dearborn Mich. and Minneapolis
MIT — Cambridge Mass.
Team Oshkosh Truck —Oshkosh WI
Stanford Racing Team — Stanford Calif.
Tartan Racing — Pittsburgh
Team UCF — Orlando
VictorTango — Blacksburg Va.

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