CajunBot in final round to qualify today

VICTORVILLE Calif. - UL CajunBot II moves into its final round of qualifying today at the former George Air Force Base in Victorville.

Though the autonomous Jeep Wrangler had previous problems in one test area on Tuesday morning it interacted with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's cars with no obvious problems.
If the vehicle passes its final day of qualifying for the Department of Defense's DARPA Grand Challenge it will become one of 20 finalists in a $2 million city street competition of driverless vehicles. The finalists will be announced Thursday.
Team CajunBot worked through the night to adjust the bot's sensors and analyzers in preparation of the early morning test. The bot previously had trouble in this testing area.

"We are extremely happy with CajunBot II's performance this morning " said Scott Wilson team adviser in a news release.

"This is why we worked through the night. The bot performed with only two minor glitches. She pretty much ran the course flawlessly."

CajunBot II had to move through the cluttered neighborhood's streets - making U-turns right and left turns all while interacting and avoiding DARPA's moving vehicles on the course.

The team celebrated for only a minute with handshakes and high-fives before heading back to the pit area to launch their simulation software and begin analyzing the test run.

Team CajunBot will continue testing today in test areas A and B. Test area A involves interacting with 10 DARPA vehicles - five in an inner loop and five in an outer loop. CajunBot II will have to use its sensors to recognize when it has the right-of-way to merge into traffic in both loops.

In a previous test in this area the bot performed 14 laps with only a few glitches.

The first team to finish the race will receive $2 million with second receiving $1 million and third $500 000.

This is the third Grand Challenge sponsored by DARPA.

Team CajunBot participated in the first two races.

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