CajunBot visits L. Leo Judice Montessori Elementary

Today Dr. Arun Lakhotia and Mark McKelvy of Team CajunBot took the autonomous Jeep to L. Leo Judice Montessori Elementary. Waiting for them, were nearly 60 eager and bright 2nd graders curious to learn all about what the CajunBot is and how it works.

Dr. Lakhotia explained that using small steps, the team was able to build the robot that is capable of driving itself. Using engineers and scientists from different fields, the vehicle that drives itself became a reality. Many eager questions were asked by the kids too. From “how does the CajunBot know where to go?” to “how do they get the wires in there?”, the kids got to know more about what makes the CajunBot tick. Of course, they also wanted to know what kind of math problems it can solve and how well it can spell.

Check the CajunBot homepage photo gallery for pictures from today.

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