Team CajunBot happily hosts Team Acyut of BITS Pilani

Two weekends ago – June 20 through June 22 – Team CajunBot was pleased to receive 5 talented guests. The guests were from BITS Pilani, a university in India. Samay, Prayag, Sushma, Arpit, and Harsh are the members of BITS Pilani’s Team Acyut, shown in the image below with Suresh and Mark of Team CajunBot, and Mark’s wife Josephine.

Team Acyut was in the US for the robotic competition “RoboGames” in which their humanoid robot participated.

On their way back home, the team paid a visit to Team CajunBot to share information and ideas, as well as a demo. Friday evening everyone socialized over a nice dinner complete with Labanese cuisine. Saturday was the big day, though, with four robotics demos. The first demo was given by Dr. Darby of the UL Engineering department. Dr. Darby showed everyone the UL Engineering line following robot as well as the videos of it in action:

After that, Team CajunBot put on a demo of their own, with CajunBot-II (or RaginBot if you prefer). Our demo was short and sweet, a little bit of intersection behavior, navigating around static obstacles, and convoy behavior just to show some of the capabilities. We were then able to see Murali Chakravarthi, a former member of Team CajunBot, demo his autonomous robotic spider. To wrap things up, Team Acyut showed off their robot’s dancing, walking, and balancing-on-one-leg abilities. All in all, it was a pretty sweet day:

Keeping on the move, however, Team Acyut flew out of Lafayette on Sunday to make a few more stops in the US before heading back to India. We hope to see them again.

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