Day 4 – DARPA speeds up elimination; six out; called in for Area A

October 30, 2007 (1430 hrs), VICTORVILLE, CA.   DARPA has turned up the heat, and sped up the elimination process. Six teams have been eliminated. The schedule for other teams is being compressed. Our Area A test was due tomorrow morning. We are now scheduled for 1700hrs today. I was asked to report at 1430 hrs (now). I said I couldn’t, my launch team is sleeping. I got an extension of a few hours.Grapevine has it that Area A is the killer test. If you fail it, you are out. This test requires merging in traffic. CajunBot did well last time, so we are very hopeful. But then there are too many uncertainties when dealing with real-time systems. So cannot take anything for granted.

I have the team pulled out of bed. Actually, some of them had not slept anyway. Their mind was too occupied with the remaining tests.

Barring any unforeseen situation, I see CajunBot perform well in Area A. Our remaining weakness is Area B. We are hoping not to be called to Area B in the morning. We still have some work cut out.

– Arun Lakhotia

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