Area A/B tests both in the morning; thirteen teams out

October 30, 2007 (1900 hrs), VICTORVILLE, CA. Rumor has it that thirteen teams have been cut. Area A is serving as the chopping block. We were called to repeat Area A at 1630hrs today, but there were two other robots ahead of us when we got there. Around 1730 hrs DARPA decided that the daylight was not good enough to run the tests. We are now scheduled for Area A test in the morning.

Our Area B test has been moved up as well. With all the teams eliminated, a lot of time has opened up. We are expected to run the Area B test back-to-back with Area A test.

We feel pretty good about Area A. Little John has been doing some very aggressive tests. He has shaken the system well enough. I feel if its survived his testing, it should survive DARPAs.

We have been discussing whether we be cautious or aggressive in Area A. Cautious means running limiting the speed to 10 mph, whereas an aggreesive stance will be to run at the track limit of 15mph.

At the higher speed there is a greater chance of making a dangerous turn, which is a no-no. At lower speed, CajunBot will be safe, but may be eliminated for not satisfying the mission.

We are a bit weak in the capabilities needed for Area B. That may change by the morning. Suresh and Pablo are focused on addressing our limitations.

For old time cajunbot members, DARPA has sure upped the ante. The tests have been really very rigorous. And if we look at the activity in progress to build the track for the final, the last two challenges look like kindergarten.

As I write this Danny Majors and Big John have gone to Subway to get dinners. I have a typed document of everyone’s Subway order. So the sandwiches will be personalized. People are tired of friend chicken, pizza, and cold cuts.

The team members have gone to take a nap until the food arrives. After that we start humming again. This could be the last night that pushes us in the final.

– Arun Lakhotia

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  1. John Majors says:

    Good going so far. Have no doubts. The team has the knowledge and the drive needed to make the adjustments for success. I along with many others believe in you guys. GO FOR IT!!!!!

  2. You are awesome! Be confident! Be positive! You will perform GREAT!

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