Alternator busted; replaced in an hour

October 29, 2007 (2330 hrs), VICTORVILLE, CA.   I thought I’d never face this again after retiring CajunBot (I). I thought all the emergencies due to mechanical failures were history. Turns out I was wrong.Around 1800 hrs I got a call from Little J. that the Jeep was not cranking. We got Joshua out of the bed and rushed him. He diagnosed that one of the alternators was busted. CajunBot has two alternators, one added after market by a alternator-holic in Alexandria, LA. One of the alternator is bought from Autozone and the other from High-Output Alternators ( The latter is a speciality product.

By 1830 hrs Joshua, Adrian, Dallas, and Scott were headed to the pit, which is where our trailer is parked. The trailer, thanks to our contingency planning, held a spare alternator, the high-output one. By 1900 hrs, the broken alternator, which happens to be the high-output one, was replaced. Joshua has messed with these alternators for so long, he says he can change them in his sleep. Which is good, for the next three days I expect him to be walking in his sleep anyway.

Well then again, may be I was not wrong. The mechanical failure did not create any sense of emergency in the old-timers. I never stepped out of the hotel. The software guys stayed focused on their work. We were pretty confident that this shall also pass.

I have placed order for another HO alternator, just in case there is another failure in the next five days.

– Arun Lakhotia

6 Responses to “Alternator busted; replaced in an hour”

  1. We are thinking about you guys. Good Luck!

  2. mlakhotia says:

    Mrs. Lakhotia’s first block is rooting for you!

  3. Doris Mejia says:

    The Brumfield Mejia kids are wishing you well and little naps wherever and whenever you can get them!

  4. Emily Duhon says:

    Good Luck guys……

  5. Mark Tullos says:

    Keep up the great work! Don’t let the gremlins get you down.

  6. Smart move. Gotta have the spare power with so many electronics to run…and no generator this time I assume!

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