Someone — send my little daughter a card

October 28, 2007 (2009 hrs), VICTORVILLE, CA.  Took a three hour sleep. I am really glad Scott Wilson, my “lets go, lets go, lets go” guy is here. He has taken charge of the drum beat for the team. And he beats really fast.I woke up and realized I had not talked to my little daughter Manjistha in three days. She is six years old. Last I talked she said, “Daddy you shouldn’t have gone on this stupid trip.” She had wanted to come with me, and I knew there is no way I could be attending to her as well.

Every day she likes going to the mail box, the real physical mailbox, looking for mail. Most of the mails she gets are Disney magazine and brochures. Every now and then she gets a birthday invitation. Any mail with her name on it causes a big excitement for her.

I have been meaning to send her cards. But the eight days I have been here are a blur. I have not yet sent her a card.

I’d like to appeal to send her a card. You could send it to my office address, and it will get delivered to my home.

My office address is on the following website:

(Rochelle: Should you receive any mail, please pass them on to Enam. Given the open nature of this blog, I may be putting my daughter at risk if I put my home address on the website.)

– Arun Lakhotia

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  1. Arun, She will be okay. I have given her a card with your signature on it(your oldest child can sign your name well). Love, Michelle P.S. She does not think that your trip is stupid. She just loves her dad and thinks the world of you.

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