Ragin’Bot vs. Cajunbot II

We’ve had a bit of conundrum around here. We have this big red vehicle that we used to replace CajunBot, and at one point we thought we had decided upon a name for it. But lately we’ve been having trouble keeping it straight. Some of us prefer CajunBot II, while others prefer calling it Ragin’Bot. If there’s anyone around the lab that’s indifferent about the name, they’ve been keeping quiet and letting the rest of us fight it out.

Since we couldn’t come to an agreement amongst ourselves, we decided the next best thing to do would be to let all of our fans decide what the name should be. So, we made the first poll for our new site just that. We’d like for all of you to make a choice as to what you would call it if it was your robot. Well, if you only had those two names to choose from anyway. So, please stop by our front page and let your voice be heard.

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