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We’ve just finished updating the site for the first time since the last Challenge. A lot has happened since the last Grand Challenge, and we’ve made a lot of changes around here. We have changed platforms. No longer will you be seeing CajunBot frolicking through the fields; instead, we’re using Ragin’Bot with its simplified and road ready design. We have also redesigned Ragin’Bot to be more effective in this year’s Challenge.

We’ve gone through and updated all of the information throughout the website, so there’ll be a lot for everyone to see. But the biggest change is to be found in the galleries. While there’s nothing new about their structure, we’ve added lots of new photos and videos to them. There’s quite a bit of material from last year to be found. From this year’s photos, you’ll see that we’ve added a couple of budding photographers to our ranks. Thus, our trip to Zachary at the beginning of the year is well documented; and this year’s site visit produced more material than you’ll want to look through.

To complement the content update, we also have a new design for the site in the works. This will hopefully go through in a couple of weeks giving the site a fresh look for this year’s Challenge.

With the upgrades to the site, we will also gain a few new features. Most notably, you should be able to add feedback to any of the posts we make to the site. The guestbook will still available for those who just want to say hi to us. We should also have the chance to provide more information about what everyone is doing around here on an individual basis. We’ve also gained the ability to have polls, so that we can get direct feedback from you about some of the things we do around here.

Of course, we hope you enjoy the new site, and look forward to hearing your responses.

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