Returning to Louisiana today

Las Vegas – After the DARPA ceremonies ended yesterday, the team moved base to Las Vegas, except Murali, Patrick, and Scott who returned before the closing ceremonies.We are all returning today. Guna headed back to Air Force Institute of Technologies (AFIT) in Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

Danny, Mike, and Jim will haul the two bots back. Adam, Adrian, and Suresh will also return by road. Suresh would like to fly back, but with all the travel complications from Hurricane Rita, he will have to go by road. It may turn out to be not so bad because this time they will take the scenic route, via Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyons.

The remaining are all flying back, incidentally to  Shreveport. That’s where we left the Suburban, which they will use to return to Lafayette.

– Arun Lakhotia

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