CB actuator motor burned due to long pause

Primm, NV – By now you already know that CB was ‘eliminated’ from the competition about 2pm. I am sure friends and fans are curious as to what went wrong, so you can have closure.Here is what happened. The motor on one of the actuators burned. CB was put in pause mode for about fifty minutes to allow other oncoming bots on the track to clear. In the pause mode CB pulls its breaks fully, which means the motors are engaged to their maximum capacity. Normally at this state the motor should lock and not use power. But for some reason, the motor continued to drain power, that too very high amperage. A sustain draw of that level of power for fifty minutes fried the motor.

A single failure is all one needs to be eliminated. All the stars should be in perfect alignment to have a perfect run. This is as true of the Grand Challenge, as any other competitive sport.

– Arun Lakhotia

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