What’s Up with Buffalo Bills

Primm is no more than a spec on the map about 40 miles outside of Vegas. No doubt, if you sneeze, you’ll miss it. However, if you’re paying attention you’ll find an oasis in the desert. On the right, there’s Buffalo Bill’s, home site for the DARPA Grand Challenge. It’s the place to be for the next few days.On the other hand, it seems like a great place to be anytime, especially if you have kids. Aside from a big casino on the first floor, there’s a roller coaster and a barrel ride the cuts through the hotel and wraps around the outside of the hotel. It’s a great respit from Las Vegas or a pit stop along the way if you’re coming from Cali! Just to give you an idea of the wow factor of Buffalo Bill’s check out these pics.

— Mike Spears

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