Cajun Cookout by Brother Ray Majors

I-15 West, approaching Baker: As I write this, Brother Ray Majors is on his way, flying to Ontario, CA. He is carrying with him 30 pounds of crawfish tails, and two big bags of Cajun Rice. Danny had already brought with him big iron pots.Brother Majors will host a Cajun Cookout on Saturday, October 8th, in the evening after the Grand Challenge.

The cookout is being repeated this year on popular demand. From the very day we came to California Speedway, we have been asked the questions “Where is the crawfish?” and “When are you cooking crawfish?”.  Some said, “I missed the crawfish last time, I hope I do not miss it again.”

So Danny called Brother Majors, and he agreed to fly in and do the cookout. First they thought they’d need 10 pounds, then it was 20 pounds, then 30 pounds. The crawfish was donated by CajunBot supporters Andre and Heath at Chez Francois Seafood ( in Lafayette. These guys ship worldwide!

Given the popularity of the event, there is a concern that there may be more people than the food. To manage the crowd Mike Spears of Firefly Digital designed the above ticket, and printed 150 of them. Over the last two days, Danny has been handing out the tickets, and they have been going away like hot cakes.

The plan for cookout was put in place before the NQE results were announced. The plan was to have the cookout one way or the other, whether we were in the finals or not. That is the Cajun spirit. You got to enjoy life during ups and during downs.

Now that we are in the finals, the cookout will be all the more exciting.

– Arun Lakhotia

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