Buffalo Bills, Here We Come

I-15 NORTHBOUND – The Chase Team left Ontario, Ca about noon with RaginBot in tow, headed for the Buffalo Bill Resort in Primm and the Grand Challenge. The mountains and hills that stream past us remind me of a Gunsmoke episode or two. Three cowboys; Marshall Dillon, Festus and Newly ride the hard road of the western trail leading from Dodge City to danger, adventure and western poetry. The landscape is as beautiful as it is harsh and the sun beams upon this iron horse with a vengence. Whether you’re on foot, a horse or a motor vehicle these brown hills┬ábeam with the red and brown hews of the desert mountains. We’ll be in Primm soon, and these moments of visual pleasure will soon turn to a focus on getting the CajunBot from start to finish in 10 hours time.

— Mike Spears

P.S. Join me in wishing my little girl happy birthday. She’s 1 today.

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