Sitting on the edge, hit car at the tail end of sixth run

Fontana, CA – CB completed qualifying run #5 very well. Soon after we were amongst seven teams called for run #6. CB completed almost completed the whole track. About 100ft short of the finish line she ran into the side of a parked car. It did not have enough power to move the car out of the way, as has been done by several other vehicles.

CB meets rental car
Courtesy: Dr. Charles Reinholtz, Virginia Tech

The post analysis of data indicates CB ‘saw’ the vehicle, and was steering away from it, but was 6 inches too close to the vehicle. The good news is CB did not hit the vehicle with its sensor frame. The sensor frame is not protected by a bumper. CB is already front heavy, adding a bumper would increase the possibility that it will roll as its coming down hill.

At this point the team is sitting on the edge. We have did all we could and given our best. All we can do now is hurry up and wait (an expression courtesy – Patrick and Scott).

– Arun Lakhotia

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