Chase Team cooks up Jambalaya

Fontana, CA – Yesterday during lunch the CajunBot Chase Team cooked up Jambalaya, a dish very similar to Biryani. Jim setup his kitchen between two trailers, reasonably out of sight of people. Little did he know that one could easily find him by following the aroma. Danny cooked vegetarian version of the Jambalaya.While the food was good, the team consensus was, “Brother Ray Majors, Wish you were here.”

Talking about Jim, there is an ongoing challenge in the team — who can put Jim in the longest loop. Here is how it goes. We have found that Jim likes to repeat what you say. For instance, if you say “the weather is good today”, he’d say “it sure is good today”. The challenge is how many times can you make him say the same thing before he notices he is in a loop (or you start laughing and cannot take it any more).

I’ve learned that Murali is ahead in this race with a loop count of three. He stopped because he could not take it any more.

– Arun Lakhotia

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