CajunBot in DARPA final

Fontana, CA – CajunBot is a finalist in the DARPA Grand Challenge.This is incredibly exciting. After a week of roller-coaster ride it is great to be in the finalist. DARPA selected 23 finalists, instead of 20.

The list of finalists can be found at the following link on DARPA site.

Its been very rough 10 days, and we are very pleased and excited to be in the finals.

If there is someone I can identify who made all the difference in this team going to Primm they would be Gina and George of the 2 The Max TVs. First they gave us a drive chain in the middle of the night. When we went back to them for a transmission, they gave us a whole, complete, brand new MAX IV to use as a parts repository. Mind it, they did this for complete strangers, people from another State, with no formal paperwork.

– Arun Lakhotia

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