Team CajunBot and 6 other Teams Called for 6th Run

News arrived minutes ago that CajunBot and six other teams would be required to perform a 6th qualification run on the NQE course. Nobody is sure what this news means, but some suspect the 6th run will be used to select the final field for the race Saturday.Eager to prove itself, CajunBot was pleased by this news. On the other hand, Team CajunBot’s mood shifted from relaxed to anxious, as it always turns when the ‘Bot prepares to hit the track.

The team is gearing up for the run, but not on an empty stomach. Danny and Jim of the chase team whipped up a Cajun Jambalaya, including a vegetarian version that was quite tasty. The smells and taste of home were nice treats on the day.

Stay tuned for word on the results of Run 6.

— Mike Spears

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