Drive chain broken, Chase Team rushing to get one in middle of night

Ontario, CA – We are in a SOS mode. Around 7pm, just when we were ready to retire early today, and were packing CajunBot in the trailer, its rear drive chain broke. The bot is currently not operational. By the time we left the Speedway, around 9:30pm, the status was that bot would not participate in the opening ceremony. By 11:00pm the Chase Team was on its way to San Diego to pick up a new chain, and there is hope that CajunBot will be ready for the opening ceremony at 8:30am.

Joshua, Adrian, and Murali inspecting the broken chain

Here is a peep at some of the happenings…

When I learned of the problem, I called Danny, as I always do in times of crisis. Danny called Brother Ray Majors, his dad, as he always does. And Brother Majors had a solution, as he always has. He has another MAX IV ATV (the first one has been converted into CajunBot). Bro. Ray was on his way to New Orleans, but turned around and went back to Melville, ready to pull out chain from his vehicle. If needed he will bring the chain to Lafayette airport early in the morning tomorrow to give to Patrick Landry, who flies out at 5:40am. While that is a good option, and we would have the chain by noon, we still wanted something sooner.

After a lot of frantic calling, around 10:30pm things started to change direction. Dr. Guna Seetharaman and Mike Spears, independently, located two MAX IV dealers within two hours driving distance.The surprising part is the dealers answered their phone at this late hour. They both were willing to take chain off their vehicles and sell it to us.

By 11:00pm Danny and Mike were on the road to San Diego. They are on their way as I write.

If all goes well, early morning at 6:00am, when the Speedway opens, Joshua, Murali, Adrian, and Adam will be at the garage to install the chain. By 8:30am we expect CajunBot to be in the opening ceremony.

If you do not see CajunBot in the opening ceremony, you know why she is not there. If you see CajunBot in the opening ceremony, you know how she got there.

– Arun Lakhotia

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