Truth Tabernacle Church – Testing area for CajunBot

Ontario, CA – The Majors continue to out do themselves. Several weeks ago I had shared with Danny that I was worried where we will test our bots in Fontana, CA. He told me, “Don’t worry Doc, I’ll look into it.” Danny talked to his dad, who talked to his friend, who remembered so and so, son of a pastor in Brazil, married to a lady in Melville,¬†whose so and so is a pastor in a church which is, guess what, four miles from¬†California Speedway.Thanks to Brother Frazier, Team CajunBot has setup a camp in Truth Tabernacle, Bloomington, CA. The pastor and the church has been extremely gracious to the team. The parking lot of the church and an additional three acres property adjacent to the lot is available for us to test.

– Arun Lakhotia

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