CajunBot recovering fast

Lafayette, LA – CajunBot is back in the lab, with a new axle. As I write this, she is being put together again.Our many thanks to Jay in the Parts Department of Recreational Industries, the makers of MAX IV ATV, the six-wheeled vehicle we have turned into CajunBot. While I have not yet directly talk to Jay, I have sensed his blessings through Tom Cain of Cain Auto. Everytime Tom calls Jay to order parts for CajunBot, Jay asks about her well-being and offers a substantial discount to be passed on to us.

Tom has also been very generous, passing on the full discount to us, with no mark ups. In addition, he has also thrown in free labor.

But for these discounts, I’d have paid enough to buy a new ATV by now.

Friends and fans, when you get a chance, please communicate your appreciation to Recreational Industries and Thomas Cain (33) 261-5743. Better still, find a MAX ATV dealer near you ( and take it for a ride. You will know why we have chosen this ATV as a base for CajunBot.

– Arun Lakhotia

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