CajunBot completes 3.2 miles track on ranch terrain

Camp Outback, TX – Last few days have been very exciting as well as gut wrenching. We started off well with positive results from the testing the obstacle detection module. Amit tested the component under various conditions, going up and down slopes, going through narrow regions, gates, cattle guards, fences, and the likes. He reported good recognition capabilities at various speeds.

The integrated system, however, did not fare well. CB was oscillating pretty wild going over dirt and gravel surface. After the donuts she made on the runway on the ranch, Ray Majors put the runway out of bounds. This is the first and only time Brother Majors has put any restrictions on us. So you can imagine the donuts must have been really bad.

Joshua and Suresh spent good two days tuning the steering control system. By late Wednesday not much progress was made. Suresh thought the problem was with the steering module. Thursday was spent changing parameters of the steering algorithm, with insignificant results.

Come Friday, the situation changed quite abruptly. Joshua and Santhosh had worked late into the night tuning the steering, and the results were really good. By mid-day Friday, CB had completed several rounds of our mini track of about 1 mile. While she went through the route well, her movements were not as gracious.

Maybe CB was at her best behavior because she knew Pablo was arriving Friday night. As always happens, Pablo’s arrival also changed the dynamics of the team. Starting Saturday morning, the attention shifted to completing the 3.2 miles course on the West end of the ranch. The team spent most of the day in the field, in open Sun, except for a lunch break.

Saturday evening CB had completed the 3.2 miles course at speed varying between 5 and 10 miles an hour, with all systems on.

The mood of theteam now is to meet the min-challenge of completing 40 miles on the ranch trails.

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– Arun Lakhotia

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