Team CajunBot sets up camp at Outback Ranch

Team CajunBot has setup camp at Majors’ Outback Ranch near Roosevelt, TX. Having left Lafayette at around 1 PM on Monday, the team arrived at the camp at 2am. The caravan of three vehicles was driven by Adrian, Joshua, and Adam. Besides driving, the trio also kept the rest of us entertained with their chatter over the radio.

The Majors are the most gracious hosts. Ray Majors cooked us a hearty breakfast today, attending to details of dietary preferences of each individual. If it is difficult for him to host vegetarians on a cattle ranch, he sure does not show it.

CB making training runs CB after makeover

At the start of the field testing, I have offered the team a mini-challenge: Before we return from the ranch, finish a 40 miles autonomous run with CajunBot, and I bring the whole team out to dinner at any place of their choosing.

The team is off to a good start to take on the mini-challenge. We unloaded the trailers, setup lab, and setup workshop in no time, by around noon were running the bots. CajunBot had a rough start. She is still adjusting to the new structure and the new tires. By dinner time, Suresh and his team had trained CajunBot to drive smoothly on the dirt terrain. Meanwhile, Amit started off with testing RaginBot’s ability to detect obstacles. At 11:00pm they reported completing a 300 meters autonomous run in pitch dark.

As I write, Adrian and Joshua are busy replacing CajunBot’s guts by the Hardigg cases. We had run into some difficulties last weekend. The case opening was 1/16″ too small. Thanks to BEGNAUD Manufacturing, before we left Lafayette we had redrilled holes, precisely 1/16″ off. By morning tomorrow CajunBot would have undergone yet another surgery.

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