Team CajunBot heading to Camp Outback in Roosevelt, TX

On Monday, August 15, Team CajunBot will be heading to Roosevelt, TX for field testing at Camp Outback, the ranch of Ray Majors. Camp Outback stretches over 2000 acres with dirt tracks, hills, barns, workshop, and even a runway.Folks, it is simply incredible how Ray has opened his heart and home to the team. He helped us take the very first step, by giving us the MAX ATV on which CajunBot is built. Ray, and his sons Mark and Danny, have continued to give ever since then. They have now bought us two vehicles and two trailers.

The Majors family represents the spirit of people in Louisiana. They work hard, enjoy life, and give all they have without conditions.

Should you happen to be near Roosevelt, TX, come by and see testing and tuning the bots. Yes folks, that’s plural. We will be testing CajunBot and Ragin’Bot. (We don’t take no for an answer.)

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