RaginBot gets another alternator from Mitchell Alternator of Alexandria

RaginBot continues to grow, keeping pace with its elder sibling CajunBot. DARPA’s decision has not deterred it one bit. Last week he acquired a second alternator. Now he can generate enough power to juice up all the electronics on board.

Adding another alternator to a Jeep is nothing short of a miracle. Its engine compartment is as compact as its driver seat. There is literally no place.

The miracle was pulled Mitchell Alternator and Starter Services, a Louisiana company, based in Alexandria. Rudy, the owner of this shop, sure knows alternators. That’s pretty much all you see when you walk into his shop. Alternator parts on the ground, on the desks, on the wall, and on rows of shelves in the attic.

CajunBot fans – Please call Rudy at (318) 487-9845 and thank him for a wonderful job.

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