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CajunBot in semi-finals, not RaginBot

Monday, June 6th, 2005

Well, friends and fans of CajunBot. You’d be delighted, as I am, to know that CajunBot is amongst the 40 robots that met DARPA’s qualifying requirements to be invited for the semi-finals. This is indeed exciting. During the site visit by DARPA officials, CajunBot showed grace and maturity. A clear sign she has come a long ways from her frolicking days in Hesperia las year. Its young cousin, Ragin’Bot, barely a few months old, however did not fall into the good graces of DARPA. The DARPA folks did not like Ragin’Bot’s fascination for crushing trash cans, especially metal trash cans. Its still not the last word on Ragin’Bot. We will continue to coaching and training it to let go its childish behavior. We may even bring him to California to socialize with other robots. My many thanks to all the friends and fans of CajunBot. Your well-wishes mean a lot to us. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. From now, I will also try to keep you informed about the happenings on a more regular basis.

Arun Lakhotia