RTI’s NDDS introduces seamless distributed processing

CajunBot has distributed processing, thanks to NDDS from RTI (www.rti.com). The transformation happened overnight, literally, without making any significant changes to the rest of the system. NDDS is a publish-subscribe middleware. It takes care of all the gory details of transporting data between machines. To make our system ‘distributed’ was as simple as writing two programs, a publisher and a subscriber. The publisher takes data from a producer module and uses NDDS middleware to broadcast it on a local network. A subscriber, on another machine, picks broadcasts from the middleware and acts as a pseudo-publisher. CajunBot’s producer-consumer architecture, developed by Pablo Mejia, was well suited for the overnight transformation. Nitin Jyoti introduced NDDS to the team. Four years ago he had evaluated NDDS in another context. When we began brainstorming on how to move to a distributed architecture, he mentioned RTI’s NDDS publish-subscribe middleware. Our initial concern of getting locked into a non-standard middleware was addressed by RTI. NDDS 4.0, the next release, will conform to OMG’s DDS standard. The standard has been pioneered by RTI, which makes them the leader in publish-subscribe middleware.

Arun Lakhotia

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