Team CajunBot thanks C&C Technologies

Its been an incredible ride, one that would not have been possible without C&C Technologies ( Early in September 2003 when we were still toying with the idea of participating in the Grand Challenge, C&C provided us with a C-NAV differential GPS system, the blue dome on CajunBot. This system has 10cm accuracy, a great improvement over 1m accuracy of garden-variety GPS. In February, C&C went a step further with the POS/MV Inertial Navigation System. This system added two more GPS to CajunBot, the round white plates at the front and back. Using the three GPS, we could CajunBot can accurately sense its location, heading (direction), roll, pitch, and speed over ground. The equipment provided by C&C is valued at around $130K. But their most valuable contribution went beyond that. C&C also permitted Pablo Mejia and Curtis Calloway, engineers with C&C, to work on this project. Pablo brought with him enormous experience in navigating autonomous submarines and boats. Within a week of joining us, Pablo assumed the key role, developing software to get data from the sensors, to control the actuators, and to drive CajunBot in desired direction. The success of CajunBot could not have been possible without participation of C&C and Pablo Mejia.

Arun Lakhotia

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