Majors family delights all with Crawfish feast

Its all well that ends well. Especially, if it ends with a great feast. Thanks to the Majors family (Ray, Mark, Danny, and Anthony Majors), Team CajunBot closed the DARPA Grand Challenge with a Crawfish feast for all attendees. On the opening day, Clotiel, the 6ft crawfish from Begnaud Manufacturing ( was the center of attraction. While it was attractive, people commented that they’d rather have the real thing. Danny Majors, member of Team CajunBot Chase Team, took the comments to heart. He got the phones ringing for crawfish tails, Louisiana Crawfish tails not the Chinese variety, but could not find any in the vicinity. He had to go back to his tried and favorite: Tony’s Seafood of Baton Rouge. Tony’s was excited about the opportunity to delight folks with Louisiana crawfish, and readily offered tails on cost. Louisiana Crawfish goes well with Louisiana Rice. There was none such available in the local stores. The task of bringing rice and crawfish to California fell to Ray, Mark, and Anthony Majors. They picked 15 lbs of crawfish tails, 20 lbs of long grain rice, a 30 lb metal cooking pot, and other assortment of pots, and proceeded to the airport. At check-in the found their package had exceeded the weight limit and would have to pay an arm and a leg. The quick thinking Majors pulled out the bags of rice, put them under their arms, and said, “Well this is our carry on baggage.” The news of crawfish arrival spread rather fast. Every now and then we’d hear people say, “Are you really cooking crawfish?,” followed by “when,” and “where.” As the Challenge came to a sudden halt, the action shifted to cooking crawfish. The Majors sped ahead and setup a tent in the parking lot of Buffalo Bill’s Hotel and Resort. The tent was not too far from DARPA’s exhibit area. By 6:30pm on Sunday, shortly after the press conference, the Med Express tent started humming. The word was still spreading, literally through word of ‘mouth’, as people walked around with bowls filled with rice and etouffe. Dr. Tony Tethers, head of DARPA, and his wife relished the food, as did Col. Jose Negron, the person in charge of DARPA Grand Challenge, and program managers from DARPA. The tent was also filled with journalists, some asking if they could invite themselves. Within an hour the pot was squeaky clean. The rice was all gone. In one day Team CajunBot and MedExpress showcased Louisiana to the rest of the world. We can compete with the best in technology, and then beat them all with great food.

Arun Lakhotia

Lafayette Motors C&C Technologies MedExpress Firefly Digital

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